Bus tickets sale

in the bus station and Warsaw airport, Vilnius and Kaunas from/to Grodno

Tickets cost

Traffic schedule
How to book a ticket online
Step 1

Choose the necessary starting and ending stop, the date of arrival, the amount of passengers and press the button ”look for the ticket” .

Step 2

After pressing the button ”look for the ticket” you’ll see list of needed tours

Step 3

After pressing the button ”buy” you see the basket where you can edit the order and start its registration.

Step 4

Next press the button ”buy and pay”, then sign your personal data.

At first the program proposes to register at a website. You can skip this paragraph. But it’s comfortable if you’re going to buy tickets repeatedly – you’ll have no need to sign your personal data each time.
Step 5

Your tickets come to the mail after paying. They must be printed or shown at your smartphone screen before boarding.

How to pay?

The payment card

1. You go the order page after pressing the button ”the payment card”.
2. Input your credit card data.
3. Press Pay.
4. Look sms with the password.
5. Enter the password.
6. Payment is accepted, the ticket comes to the mail.

Do your buses stand in the common queue with other tourist or personal transport on the border?

No, they don’t. All our routes are scheduled trips. There is a separate queue for such trips.

How to get a ticket bought online at www.bilet.taf.by?

A ticket comes to a given e-mail. Also you can get a ticket in the section My account -  history of tickets.

Is it possible to change the date of departure in the ticket?

Yes, it is. It’s necessary to contact our manager no later than 30 minutes before the departure of a desired trip. It’s free but possible only in the case of availability of free seats.

Is it possible to delay departure of a bus?

No, itisn’t. Buses leave the bus station strictly on time.

If you are late for the trip, contact us, we’ll try to help you.

A passenger must come to the place of departure no later than 10 minutes to the given time of departure. (p.3.1.2.”Transagency Favorit” rules of transporting of passengers on regular trips)

Is it necessarily to print the ticket bought online?

It’s better to print. If there is no such possibility, you can show it at your smartphone.

How to get the ticket back bought online at www.bilet.taf.by?

It’s necessary to text to [email protected].

Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy it online at www.bilet.taf.by (express-pay), at the office ”Transagency Favorit”, at Grodno bus station

Which services are included in the cost of the ticket?

The cost of the ticket includes transportation of a passenger and his baggage from the point of departure to the point of arrival, given in the ticket.

Sizes of baggage:

-one unit of carry-on baggage weight up to 3 kg and sized 60x40x20 cm on knees, in the overhead bin or under feet (seat)

- one unit of baggage weight up to 25 kg and sized 90x60x25 cm in the luggage compartment. Two units of baggage are allowed to the passengers of a trip Grodno – Warsaw.

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